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Interview with Megan Knight: “I have no Plan B, music is my everything and it always will be.”

The music we listen to varies all the time. In recent years I have become more attuned to plenty of country flavours from Courtney Marie Andrews to Kasey Musgraves. A few weeks ago I discovered up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Megan Knight and her song Hard Way To Go, a wonderful blend of country and rock. Her latest single My Drama (out today) also continues to play to all her strengths as one of country-alternative exciting voices. I recently caught up with Knight. Here is some of what we talked about. 

Megan, I understand Neil Young’s song Ohio was the inspiration behind your single Hard Way To Go. If you could talk for a few minutes with Neil what would you say to him?

I would ask Neil about his songwriting techniques. I’d ask if he reads any books, which shows/movies he likes, and hear about his life and stories on the road. 

Can we talk a little bit about where you live and the space around you and how that inspires your music, especially your sound?

I live in Williamstown which is located in South Jersey. It’s an extremely populated area. It inspires my music just by the fact that there’s always so much to witness and hear about. I guess my Pop edge to my music stems from this area because Pop and Hip-Hop are what’s most prevalent where I’m from. 

You seem like a very persistent person, someone who won’t easily give up. This seems to come across on Hard Way To Go. Is that a fair comment? And why?

I am beyond persistent. I would do anything to accomplish my dreams. I have no Plan B, music is my everything and it always will be.  I hope what people take away from listening to “Hard Way To Go” is motivation to stay persistent in the pursuit of their dreams. Even though going after what you love isn’t that simple, it’s a million times more satisfying than settling on something you don’t really want to do.

Do you feel like your music and your songwriting has changed at all over the course of the pandemic?

I feel like it has improved simply because of the sole fact that I’ve changed and grown so much as a person since the pandemic. Generally, when you change and evolve your writing will naturally follow. I’ve learned a lot about myself and learned a ton of lessons overall in general. I’ve always been an open, honest and raw as an artist but this pandemic has pushed me to understand the roots of who I am and it made me have this consistent yearning for growth as an overall human.

Carving out your own space can be tough in your industry. What have you learnt along the way that has helped you to this point in your career?

I’ve learned that you just need to focus on yourself and your own unique goals. Take everything one day at a time. I feel like with social media being so predominant in our day in age, people are so easily influenced and swayed and feel this stress for having to be something you’re not. I think the secret to success is remaining true to yourself and the story you want to tell and an audience will naturally follow. You will always find your people, your tribe, those who will understand and resonate with you, you just need to align with your true self.

How do you cope with the vulnerability and sincerity that is ever present throughout your songwriting?

Writing and performing is very cathartic to me so vulnerability and sincerity feels very natural. I originally found a passion for music because of the fact that it’s always felt so therapeutic. 

I understand your family has been a big support for you. Do you ever preview your new music for them?

My family is part of everything I do in this industry. My dad is at every studio session with me so he watches the process of creation from start to end; he also does my sound at almost every gig. My entire family aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins… I always make sure to hear their take on all of my songs before I release anything. Their opinions I’ll always hold very close to me. They’re the ones who encouraged me to pursue this path in the first place.

Megan, point me to a song that captures your spirit the best?

Right now, I would say ‘Hard Way to Go’ because of the fact that the meaning behind it resonates so much with my journey right now. Trying to get to where I want to go isn’t the easiest but I’m figuring it out day by day. My next big goal is to open up for some bigger artists and tour across the country. 

I was hoping we could talk about your new single My Drama. Is there a message you hope listeners will take from it?

I hope what listeners take away from listening to ‘My Drama’ is a feeling of relatability. There’s truth in the fact that no human is perfect, no relationship is simple and I hope they understand there’s beauty in complexities. We all have demons and trauma in our lives. “My Drama” is a song about finding the one person that can deal with all of that, the absolute depth of your soul inside and out. In Pop culture nowadays, it’s not very highlighted. The pain, the struggles everything is seen through rose colored glasses, filters… I’m over it. I wanted to write something real, relatable and raw and I hope this resonates and helps listeners through whatever situation they may be going through.

Finally, what further projects are you looking forward to working on in 2022?

I have the full-length EP dropping early 2022 so I can’t wait for you to hear that! Hope to see you around!


Megan Knight’s new single My Drama is out now via Spotify. For more information on Megan Knight including tour updates check out her website. Follow Megan Knight on FacebookInstagram| Twitter. Watch on YouTube.

1 comment on “Interview with Megan Knight: “I have no Plan B, music is my everything and it always will be.”

  1. Congrats on the interview. Megan Knight sounds like an impressive young up and coming artist. While I by no means want to pretend I know the music business, I think it takes an incredible amount of self-confidence and guts to pursue a career as a professional artist – kudos to her!

    I like Knight’s two singles you called out – with a slight preference for “Hard Way to Go”, since it’s got more of a rock edge, which rarely is a bad proposition for a classic rock guy! 🙂

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