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On my stereo this week: Lindsey Stirling’s new album Artemis.

It’s not often I listen to an album almost entirely an instrumental soundtrack made of violin-driven electronic music. But that’s where I found myself this week, engrossed in a world of cinematic sound, courtesy of the amazing Lindsey Stirling. The 32-year-old youtuber, violinist, dancer and artist’s fifth record Artemis named after the Goddess of the Moon shines a bright light of hope what has been a trying year for most. Her feel good Celtic-inspired violin set against a whirlwind of atmospheric electro-pop for my mind continues to buck against the trend of what most of us are listening to nowadays. That’s a good thing because anyone with half a brain would realise that she provides a wonderful alternative and worldview of what music can be. Inspired by her own battle with depression following the awful lose of both her father and best friend to cancer, Sterling intuitively harnessed her grief to rise to the occasion to produce a 13-track concept album that serves as an allegory of spiritual hope.

Accompanying her on her journey, well at least on two tracks, are two very cool ladies. On Sterlings Love Goes On And On, Evanescence’s Amy Lee lends her vocals showcasing her instantly recognizable voice we know all too well from Evanescence. While on the album’s final track The Upside, Elle King offers up a surprising electro pop vocal performance that makes you want to break out and dance.

Before I let you go I just quickly want to comment on the album’s artwork which is aesthetically designed and laid out in amazing anime glory. On the album artwork Sterling brings to life her version of Artemis. In fact, Sterling is Artemis for all intents and purposes for this project. Interestingly, Sterling is working on a comic book about the goddess of the moon that will accompany the album hopefully some time next year. But while we wait for it to come to fruition I hope you might be inspired to crank up the sounds of Sterling’s otherworldly album on your stereo.

1 comment on “On my stereo this week: Lindsey Stirling’s new album Artemis.

  1. Another stellar release. I listened to this yesterday. She is such a talent and crazy to think I would listen to violin music and electronica all at once, but there is something about her that is drawing me in and I embrace each album as much as the last one.

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