Songs about overcoming adversity: ‘Who’s Gonna Make My Mistakes’ by Caroline Spence.

Caroline Spence’s third album Mint Condition released back in May this year showcases a singer songwriter in complete command of her sweet delicate vocals and guitar work. On the lyric front Spence covers ground singing about things like being an artist on the road, acceptance, love and romance. It’s not exactly new territory but isn’t that what musicians like Spence riding the line between country and folk do best? Well, the best of them always manage to find a new angle to tell stories of the human condition and Spence hits the mark on her new album with flying colours, especially on her latest single with its hilarious accompanying music video for Who’s Gonna Make My Mistakes.

Here is briefly what Spence recently had to say about it: “This is a song for a moment in your life when you are scrambling for just one thing to feel right. It’s a song to sing loudly when you need to forgive yourself for messing up. Life is continuously funny in its way of always having your missteps lead you to your biggest steps and I wanted the video to make light of and embrace those messy moments that eventually get us to where we are supposed to be.”


Photo credit: The header image is courtesy of Caroline Spence. I believe it is available for use for press purposes.

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