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Castlecomers tour new single ‘Move’ across the east coast.

From the outset, The Castlecomers have been a band with an explicit goal of doing things the old fashioned way, playing show after show until their fingers bleed, in gaining recognition and establishing a loyal following. An estimated 500 shows across Australia over a three-year period sounds insane, but this is exactly what five mates have done in recent years. Such a tireless work ethic often goes unrewarded, but after leading a charge into America, their patience was rewarded with an American label deal and with Mushroom Music Publishing here in Australia.

The bands subsequent EP, All of the Noise, soon caught the attention of an oversea audience and has had the boys all fired up to succeed internationally ever since. Based in Austin, Texas nowadays, the Castlecomers, are in the long process of working on their debut album, slated for October later this year. But in the meantime, the Castlecomers are back with a new single called Move. To celebrate its release, the boys are currently here back home in Australia showcasing the drive and enthusiasm that has won them praise as energetic live entertainers. Soon they head back to fulfill tour obligations of what appears is going to be an epic North American tour. But before they head back, I had the chance to briefly touch base with the boys straight after their sold out Sydney show recently. Here is briefly what we talked about.

Move is your new single ahead of your plans for a debut album later this year. Tell me something surprising about how it came about? 

We did that tune in Sydney with Adrian Breakspear. We tried to make it sound like a modern disco classic, and the secret ingredient was triangle.

Tell me about your massive relocation to Nashville? What is living there like? How do you think it will influence your sound and plans for your forthcoming album?

It’s an amazing city – their appreciation for the arts is something all cities could learn from, especially Sydney. Also, the food is insane – after the first month we’ve all had to get gym memberships to counterbalance it.

How important is it that you establish yourself in the States? What has been the initial reception like over there?

The US has been extremely accepting of us and it’s been a great surprise. It could take a while to get around to all 300 million of the people but we’re pretty committed to giving it a crack! 

What are some of your fondest memories you have from playing your earliest shows as Castlecomer in the States?

Our first exposure to the US was SXSW in Austin and that was insane – people everywhere playing 4 shows a day.

With you guys briefly back home for six shows, what can we expect from Castlecomer this time around?

We sold out our hometown show on Saturday, and the energy in the room was palpable. Bede wore a pink woollen jacket for the whole show, it got completely soaked on the inside from the sweat, and then he passed out backstage. So we’re gonna try do that again.

For more information on the Castlecomers check out their website. You can also connect with them via their Facebook page. Watch them on You Tube.
Check out to their current Australian east coast tour below. Get tickets here.

Friday May 25 – Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay

Saturday May 26 – Big Pineapple Festival, Sunshine Coast

Sunday May 27 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Friday June 1 – Transit Bar, Canberra

Friday June 2 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Photo credit: The press photo of the Castlecomers is courtesy of PR group Revolutions per minute.

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  1. I really like this song!

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