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Live Review: Killing Heidi – York on Lilydale 24/8/19.

Well Heidi’s not dead yet and this tour is gaining momentum with each show, this was the final show on the Victorian run for now but left us all looking forward to one more show in December down on the Peninsula,

As the packed house at Lilydale rolled in there was a nice new merch stand waiting for them with a whole range of new gear to throw your money at, there was even a bargain bin of old shirts from 2000-2005 era for a measly 5 bucks each.

The show kicked off with Dallas Frasca delivering the goods, these guys have been opening the show for each of the Victorian dates and certainly warm the crowd up nicely, definitely loud, definitely got groove and definitely got those riffs, with a powerhouse female vocalist was a great mix of hard rock.

Main event time and Killing Heidi hit the stage with ‘calm down’ and ‘I am’ from their self titled album getting everyone in the dancing mood, followed up with a couple from the Present album including what Ella describes as their only love song in ‘Heavensent’

We then get taken right back to the start with the song that started it all in 1996, Jesse and Ella give us an acoustic version of ‘Kettle’ and ‘Astral Boy’ follows up, I’ve seen a lot of their Vic shows since they reformed and it certainly seems like they are still enjoying everything about being back on that stage, it may be a rock show but there was plenty of smiles and jokes up there tonight, including a Simpsons reference about how good the crowd in Shelbyville was which was a personal highlight for me being a Simpsons nut.

It was then time to pick up the pace a bit with some more classics from the debut album, Mascara always being a crowd favourite, and just when you thought they looked tired after back to back nights we get a treat with Ella’s Eurovision song she entered earlier this year, ‘Data Dust’ is definitely a dancer and you can tell she enjoys singing this one bouncing around like her 16 year old self up there.

By now we all know how encores work but the last track for the main set is their biggest and first hit ‘Weir’, every show Ella teases the crowd with an early chorus and I swear she catches a few out every time, fair enough though some people may not have heard the song in 20 years, all part of the fun.

Its encore time and it’s the final show on a great 4 show Victorian run, drinks are spilt and voices struggling, funnily enough that raspy voice made this last song absolutely perfect, a song that I’m pretty sure everyone in the room knows and loves, The Divinyls classic ‘Boys In Town’ along with Dallas back out on stage providing the extra riffs, bloody good way to close out a show I must say.

The band has a little break now to recover those bodies like we all need to these days haha, before heading up to Queensland for a few shows in early October, then back home to Vic for one more headline show I’m already looking forward to.

For more information on Killing Heidi forthcoming tour dates click HERE. Check out the York on Lilydale gallery here below. All photos by Hayden Crimmins.

4 comments on “Live Review: Killing Heidi – York on Lilydale 24/8/19.

  1. Cool. Love the photo gallery.

  2. Awesome photos Robert.

  3. Looks like quite an energetic and amazing gig!

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